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Robert Van Den Bosch kilahti MM-kisoissa

Monday, July 2nd, 2007

Mielenkiintoinen juttu tapahtunut F3D:n MM-kisoissa. Robert Van Den Bosch (siis mies joka on sijoittunut kärkikolmikkoon useissa MM-kisoissa, muttei koskaan voittanut) kilahti täysin kun tälle annettiin katko liian matalalla lentämisestä. Tämän jälkeen Robert yritti osua virheen antaneeseen toimitsijaan ja tumppasi koneen lennetyään ohi. Omasta mielestäni tätä voi pitää tapon yrityksenä.. Ei liene yllätys että Van Den Bosch diskattiin koko MM-karkeloista.
Robertilla on tiedossa siis aika monen vuoden kilpailukielto ja kuten alla todetaankin, ehkä kaveri on sen tarpeessa ..

“Race 21 – Contained Robert Van Den Bosch, and something’s happened out on the line. After the race has finished Robert has flown his plane into the ground. At first glance it appears he was trying to show off. The plane is completely wreaked. Robert is walking back to the pits, without his safety helmet, word is he’s thrown it to the floor. His face is steaming, I mean bright red, like its about to explode. I’ve never seen him like this.

Something serious is going on here. This incident is really kicking off. Robert’s caller, Peter Van Doesberg, has picked up the remains of Roberts plane and thrown it on the floor, by the starters cage. The Dutch team manager is coming out, to try and calm everybody down.”


Back at the hotel I’ve finally got the full story on Robert. Yes he got called for a cut for low flying, and totally lost it. He flew his plane (albeit on the glide) directly at the starter and flew it over his head. The starter knew Robert was a good pilot and was aiming at him. The plane flew over the starters head and Robert pulled it into the ground. Then according to Robert he took his helmet off, stuck two fingers up at the starter and threw his helmet at him. The rest is history, a real Schumacher monet me thinks. Robert may find himself facing atwo year ban from pylon and possibly more. Mind you he says he’s had enough and needs a break away from it.”


F3D WC 2007 Bulletin 1 released

Thursday, November 16th, 2006

Bulletin number 1 has been released for 2007 F3D world championships!